Wideband IP Office was established in 2005 by Mr. Albert W.H. Lee, a former patent examiner, Taiwanese patent attorney, and Chinese patent agent. Wideband is a full-service intellectual property law firm, full of professionals with technology, law and management expertise.

Our team is experienced in IP prosecution, protection, enforcement and management. Although a pile of successful cases have been collected, we never stay self-satisfied. Our team continuously seeks opportunities to enhance our professional development, as the spirit expressed in this poem:

A small pond lays before my eye, mirroring light and clouds from the sky.
The water is so clear but why? There is a spring so the water has never dried.


                                                                                          -- by Zhu Xi, After Reading.

Wideband’s patent clients cover diverse areas, such as electronics, telecommunication, photoelectric, software, mechanical engineering, industrial design, materials engineering, chemistry, and biotechnology. To create better value for our clients, patent cases are assigned to professionals with relevant technology backgrounds. Regarding our trademark clients, they range in size from individuals and start-up companies to established multinational corporations. Wideband offers personalized trademark advice and dispute strategy in view of brand marketing and long-term profit. Our guiding principle is that every case matters, so Wideband is dedicated to providing our clients high quality intellectual property services.

As the member of international IP organizations including APAA, INTA, AIPPI, AIPLA and NACVA, Wideband works with associate law firms in the US, Europe, China, Japan, Korea, South-East Asia and Latin America.. We believe we can help the clients develop and manage their intellectual property portfolios both locally in Taiwan and internationally.  




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