Invention, Utility Model & Design applications;

Responses & amendments; Divisional applications;

Examiner interviews & inspections; Re-examination;

Invalidation; Appeal; Administrative litigation;

Patent licensing; Patent assignment;

Annunity payment & management;

Patent search; Patent map; Patent  evaluation; 

Infringement assessment; Warning letter response;

Design around; Law & practice consulting.


Registration of trademark & certification mark;

Registration of collective membership mark;

Registration of collective trademark;

Opposition; Invalidation; Cancellation; Appeal; Administrative litigation;

Trademark search; Trademark renewal; Trademark licensing; Trademark assignment;

Law & practice consulting; Application of China Province/City Famous Brand;

Trademark comeptitive solutions in the Great China.


IP-assets evaluation; IP workshop/training;

Industrial/technology IP research project;

Free-To-Operate; Brand protection tactics;

Trademark squatting & infringement investigation;

Domain name strategy, management & dispute resolution;

IP clearance for new product launch or company startups;

Online infringement resolution; Customs recordal;

Adminstrative sanction; Virtual IP department in China.

Raid/detention via adminstrative/police departments;

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